Montessori is my anchor

Yes.. when I see what is Montessori in my life read my .. not my children..
I see that it is my anchor. There are many a times when ..

I get lost..

I get frustrated..

I feel helpless.

In times like that I see the method help me stay grounded .. in reality..

It helps me accept the reality ..

This might arise from the fact that it came from the observation of .. the human being himself.. and mere observation .. of the reality .. of the human being .. rather than theories .. stemming from a persons intellect.

While the human being, his potential, development makes me marvel in .. normal days. It helps me stay grounded on the deep low days.

Maria Montessori is a scientist, her works are factual, but she is empathetic, hopeful .. and tactful in realizing that the world can be a better place .. through humans .. and only through the little humans as he forms himself evolving all the way.

She observed deviations hindering the human performing to the true potential. By true potential she just didn’t mean a scientist or doctors or engineers.
She saw that the world can have a human working his potential .. to his true calling .. This could be an educator, artist, a homemaker.. simply anybody.

The method helps listen to our inner voice .. with respect.. always ..

I have been reading a book on housekeeping and it is a best seller. She is a homemaker, yet she was helping millions of others with her own method through her books, social media.

She wants us to trust the capacities of the child .. the human being ..

While understanding these characteristics, needs .. the child .. the human has .. I realize my inner child ..

I resonate with her and .. well .. finally ..

P.S. I am slowly overcoming my block to write ..

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