Vote – My investment for the coming five years

There is nothing like the satisfaction of voting. 5 years back I voted for the first time and the kick of being able to execute my fundamental right for the first time cannot be expressed in words :).   Now after 5 years voting the second time gives me the same amount of excitement and content I have experienced earlier. 🙂 I feel strongly the right to vote must be exercised every time we are given an opportunity. After all this is not what for the FREEDOM STRUGGLE has been for. Is this not for, the right to rule, the right to choose our ruler that many freedom fighters from Jhansi Lakshmi Bai, Chatrapati Shivaji to Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose laid their lives. Are we not supposed to celebrate our victory by exercising our vote, Oh yeah we might have different priorities, opinions to choose our representative. But are we not supposed to contribute our opinion very strongly??? And how can we do otherwise than to vote to have our voice heard??!!

Their lives should not have been laid in waste 🙁

We as the generation who have not been needed to experience the tyranny of the Britishers and others can only appreciate/THANK them by casting their vote. Oh yeah we have to stand the long Queues, bear with the HOT sun! But one single day for a couple of hours is nothing compared to our fore-fathers efforts of over 200 years. Thinking of it, can we call it even a discomfort???

Today’s casting my vote is very precious, expecting with my baby due, I am having an even bigger responsibility to ensure my and his future to what I think is the best. By casting my vote, i have secretly voted from both of US. 🙂 Thats an even wonderful feeling.

This post in Eeenadu Hyderabad city edition got me very happy and excited. Oh come on!! A lady of 102 years who has been exercising her vote each and every time after the independence and will continue to vote even if her body does not support to even walk.
She clenches her fist and says  “This vote … is my right the country has given me” 🙂 Isn’t she an inspiration to all of US???
Image and news courtesy: EENADU (

When I see the birds calling me to refill water. Yes … literally calls me. The pigeon generally drinks water and leaves. But if there is no water, it looks at me, pecks on the bowl to draw my attention and looks at me. When I refill and move away, it comes back to drink. 🙂 Though this little exercise of the birds interacting with me fascinates me, it also makes me feel bad that we humans are responsible for their plight by occupying their land and not caring for the natural reserves and destroying them. We are choosing such short-sighted leaders who do not have the minimum concern or the awareness towards nature. In a way we are representing everything :(. This time I decided to vote keeping in mind everything!


Well the candidate I voted for might not win, BUT not every investment we make need not be fruitful! What matters is I have contributed and my vote is the little token of proof of MY FREEDOM! 🙂


Lets vote to show the world our rights!! 🙂

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