Just as my daughter started rolling about all over the bed, I was moving at jet speed when she is about to topple over the bed and she seems to find pleasure in peeping down the edge of the cot 🙂

I was yelling TO her “Aadya why dont you roll how I want you to and do the obvious and just be obvious and go in one flow” (I know I most of the times feel my 6 month old daughter is actually pretending her age and she is just 6 years younger to me ;). I seriously cant help it )

And then I was wondering out loud would I be loving her with the same if not her randomness and her complete dependence on me to look out for her.

Also isn’t the randomness that helps her discover and learn the most about herself and her surroundings 🙂

As this dawns upon me, both of us continue the game yet again, she drifting away and i make a dash for her ……… more enthusiastically 😉

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