Aadya says Ammmmmaa

My mommy says “GAYATHRII” and Aadya chooses to say aMMMAAA. 

They play this game of repeating!

What do I say?

Generally babbies utter atta /tatha

But Aadya has been trained AMMMAAA by everyone Nanna, ammamma, thatha, jeji 🙂 and sometimes amma tooo 😉

Aadya was hungry and she wanted me …

Alright …

But when amma started calling Gayathriii, she suddenly wanted to join … aMMMAA with lot of stress with the MMM 🙂 

Well the first consious word from her. 

Shes been saying dadadadda,attathathatha but Ammmaa is her first conscious utterance 🙂

She repeated quite some times much to the joy of all of us 🙂

And me I DONT KNOW 🙂 

I always put her above myself in everything not relaxing AT ALL! For the sake of giving Aadya THE BEST I CAN! 

And when she reciprocates the love consciously I am on cloud 9 refusing to come down!!

Love you baby and love the way u tighten ur lips for aMMMAAA

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