Aadya response to the phone call “Ammaa” … “Babble” .. “Babble”

I call dad for something and dad switches on the speaker ..

Aadya recognizes my voice and feels she has to answer me …

“Ammmaa …. “and she voices out a lot ..

And this repeats for the second time that day.

In the evening, when I was compelled to go out, I found myself dialing dad for Aadya this time .. only with Satish joining me.

She joins in the conversation yet again, but checking our bedroom when she hears my husbands voice.

Hes on cloud 9 along with me. (I am since the first call in the morning)

Ah … The bliss of recognition ..

We don’t really want anything else at the moment.

The icing on the top is as I tell my dad “DAD!! I so love her voice even better on the phone. Its so clear and ………. ADORABLE!!!”

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