Aadya chooses to do everything today!!

Aadya chooses to do everything today!!
She figured out that she can climb on amma to reach her destination aka the a/c remote on the sofa!
Till now she has been standing up holding the sofa and clutching anything we forget to keep on the edge!

But today … amma is sitting by the sofa and she decides to climb on amma and push herself further up to reach her so very forbidden items!!

🙂 no wonder they say babies learn the most in their first year than what humans can in their entire lifetime
No wonder!
And then the next excitement or say elatement
Aadya chooses to follow amma to the kitchen … all the way!!

Till date she always had hindrances …   Disturbances u see!! 😉
Tata’s “Mama’s souvenir” pooja room …
Oh my !! 😉
But today she crossed all those and came to the kitchen for Amma

But once she reached there, seeing amma busy…

She got herself busy picking up all the tiny particles left by amma!!!!!
Oh !!

I loved it today! I have been waiting for the long crawl marathon ever since she rolled over 😀

As a kid, I used to love my brother crawling all over the house! And ever since I have been waiting for more crawling 🙂

The topping today is tata and ammamma are back in town for Aadya! She squeals in delight as she sees tata and cuddles in comfort in ammamma’s hands 🙂
Guess she was motivated as they are back home with her!

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