The negatives in me

I suddenly ask my dad .. “DAD whats my asset?? What am I good at?” He doesn’t even think and starts answering about my negatives .. Procrastination .. He is about to go on, when I ask him to hold on and TELL ME ONLY ABOUT MY POSITIVE TRAITS!

He then tells me “You have everything in positive and all the assets to be positive. You are not cunning/send positive vibes around, determined and all ..

But I really don’t understand why you fail to do anything completely ..


Is he right? Of course he is .. as always .. I don’t get the drive always within me to complete what I  started .. Is it always? Well the only time I push myself beyond despite of everything is when I am doing things for others .. selflessly .. Only when I don’t get anything, I surprisingly push myself!

Well also I realized if any work dint interest me anymore, I just leave it unless it affects gravely ..

I actually found the retrospect strange.

But, this has been the start for me and my retrospection and a long way to go 🙂

P.S. This post has been procrastinated forever 😀 and I decide to complete it 🙂 today i.e. 1.9.2016.

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