Animals, Colours and Ganesha by Sree Aadya

A very normal day while I was completely engrossed working on my laptop…

This little soul of mine, Aadya walks up to me tells me .. “Amma .. I will tell you something .. you type on your computer”
I was taken aback .. What does a 5 year old who uses the PC only for her zoom classes have to do with such sort of a request? But thankfully I decided to play along .. I said Okay. Lets do it ..

She took me off by surprise ..
She started off “once upon a time …….”

And out flowed the story .. Its short .. cute of course .. but what surprised me was her clarity with the plot .. and her flow ..

I really know don’t how an impromptu narration could be that clear for everything in the world for such a clutterhead like me ..
But well A has always been better of than me in a lot of things ..
I simply decided to take the stride ..
Except that I had to cut down a few extra “then”s .. this was completely her story in her words ..
The story is definitely an inspiration from some cartoon or a story .. but well in her own words ..

I can’t say how kicked up I am to do a book with her story or read it aloud .. 🙂 But well here’s to documenting it here ?

The whole day I was reeling in messages about the simple positive side of the story .. Well I guess only children can do that ..
Fill the world with HOPE .. POSITIVITY like none another <3

Here’s to the 5 year old who thinks a story can be weaved just like this .. to the magic of children .. their unlimited beliefs .. imagination and at the utmost .. happiness ❤️

You can download the book here 🙂

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