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When we import products, it seriously affects the already effected economy.

No wonder our first PM  Jawaharlal Nehru requested the Tata’s to manufacture the cosmetics right in India as he was concerned the Indian women were spending too much in foreign exchange for the cosmetics 😉 Lakme was thus born. But it is a part of Unilever now losing the whole reason for its launch is a different story. 

So in a drive to use only Indian made products, I was on search for products/brands that work and that too effectively. Can’t ruin my skin for the sake of the drive right 😉

So listing a few brands that I have tried and rely upon. There might be many others but not posting which I haven’t tried.

Also most of the Indian brands have natural ingredients and that’s a bonus any day!!

  • Himalaya Products – one of the foremost products I depend upon, They have the best face washes 🙂
  • Lotus Herbals – My most favorite brand, Their cosmetics along with the beauty products are great too. Greater than value for money products actually. Their lipsticks, nail polishes are the better than many high-end brand products actually
  • Banjaras Products – Their face packs and hair packs are the next best to the natural products used directly.
  • Ayur – Their astringent along with lacto calamine helped me get rid of my teen pimples 🙂
  • Biotique – Their products are very gentle on the skin. A few duds sometimes but very soft and works most of the time
  • Patanjali – Every product is amazing, gentle and works with the treasure of ancient wisdom. Jai Ho RamDev Baba 😀
  • Khadi Natural – Their products are all natural. Though mentioning the chemicals too in the ingredients list would make them feel more authentic
  • Fab India – Their personal range products are worth every penny.
  • Devicas – Their shampoos are simply awesome .. Can try out the other beauty products too .. Rose water my favorite.
  • Mayur Khadi –  This is a part of the Karnataka Government’s khadi initiatives .. I personally love their shampoo .. Availability is a huge blow though .. I could only find it in local stores.

This list may be updated as I use the other products available and like them 🙂



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