No more to lose No more to gain

I don’t know why I had to be treated this way?
Y was / am I wrong so mishandled? or say Y am i prone to getting abused so much ?

I don’t know . .

Be it me getting assured that Aditya – my lil’ brother will be there for me . . whatever might happen . .

and losing him for this life within 2 days . . it has been a cruel blow . .

But maybe it was his destiny to be loved completely(i mean only him) . . even by me . . Yes I loved him so much (so much that even I didn’t know . . ) but I did share my love with others . . But now after he is no more do I realize that IT was he that was my complete world and not the other passing clouds that I was thinking were as important . .

I had always learned lessons lessons the hard way . .

No more to lose No more to gain in my journey of LIFE!

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