march 2, 2014

4 years and it has the same devastating effect ever .. How I, we wish this day never existed! I ‘ve lost my ‘lil brother this day March 2, 2010. I have a lost a brother, friend, guide, critic(best ever), stress buster/BOOSTER, my everything. We could fight like we never want to do anything with each other a moment, and the next moment can’t spend a minute without being a team! Well thats how every sibling is .. But deep down how much ever we fight, we will always love each other the most.

I lost all my interest in whatever things we fight the most for. Grabbing the place beside dad, mom’s first puri, chocolates everything. It hit hard on the face all the while I wanted to just fight with U, and these little fights made all these the most relishing.

When I have lost u forever in skin and flesh, I can will never lose U in person. U are what I am, what I relish, what I feel, in fact everything. I pity my husband for not getting to meet u in person and have to settle down to memories we recall. Well I pity each and everyone who couldn’t make to meet U in person actually.

Aditya 🙂 though this day churns out my worst emotions, my not being able to hug U, kick U, get kicked by U, fight like there will never be another tomorrow, U always bring a smile on my face.

Yesterday for the first time I witnessed a crow taking its share of food from mom in Hyd, that too at our place. That very crow knocking Mom’s kitchen window is even more strange.

Wonders never cease if its U.

Our love for each other and our love to U will never wane!

U are the best buds! 

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