just U!

i want U to hurt me , ,

i want U 2 pamper me , ,

i want to be hated by u,

still loved with all the Love U can give me , , ,

i want to do my small sacrifices 4 U , ,

still yell at U for not recognising , ,

smile all again with U , at U , ,behind U!

i wanna be scoffed by U , ,

yet again comb Ur well brushed hair making it messy!

dress U and look happily , ,

wanna look for Tees and shirts where U look smart , ,

wanna buy the junk , ,

and fret saying ‘U don’t bring me anything back home ‘

wanna tell U ‘ bring me something ‘

when u say I ‘m going out ‘amma’

want U 2 fight with me 4 chocolates , sitting with daddy , , ,

wanna feel possessive !

want Ur possessiveness too , , ,

want U in every walk and phase !

wanna scold Ur frnds for taking u away 2 parties , ,


want 2 worry till U come back home and scold U for giving us the tension …

I just want U and no one and nothing else!

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